We at Park Road believe that learning does not happen in isolation but is part of the rich experiential approach to the whole being and that learning is intrinsically linked to life skills, personal wellbeing and emotional resilience.  We believe that our children will become better equipped to learn if we give them these rich learning and life experiences and therefore they will make greater progress and achieve greater outcomes and potential.


To give all learners equal opportunity to experience a broad and rich range of extended learning and life opportunities in order to support their continued progress in learning, enhance their emotional wellbeing, develop life skills of collaboration, independence, curiosity, awe, wonder, problem solving, risk taking  and enjoyment.


We offer, as part of our curriculum learning, a weekly opportunity to share learning in a different environment to the classroom based, National Curriculum focused learning.

Practice and provision:

Each half term, we will offer a range of opportunities for all children to choose from. We will ensure this range is broad and balanced to meet all needs and interests.

Children will sign up from this core offer to participate in one activity offered per half term. Each half term they will get the opportunity to choose a different offer.

There will be 14 offers per half term, with each offer being available to circa 14 children each half term.  These offers will be led by experienced, qualified staff. All teachers will lead these offers over the year as well as school’s HLTA and full time TAs. There may be other offers which are provided by external providers, as appropriate.

We will also encourage part time teaching support staff and other members of our community i.e. other support staff, parent, family members to support these offers and to help the lead practitioner.

All enrichment activities will run from 2.10 – 3.00pm each Wednesday afternoon.

Younger children will be collected by their Y6 buddies who will take them to the appropriate activity that they have signed up for.

All activities will be linked to learning opportunities within each class at the time.

Children will at 3.00pm return to their classrooms to be collected by their parents/carers in the usual way at 3.15pm. This should therefore have no impact on parents, carers, families or impact on the end of the school day.

During this time, each half term,   staff will be released as per the Curriculum teams schedule (see below) to work in these teams on aspects of school improvement. Each member of staff will have two half terms ‘off timetable’ to enable them to work in these teams for a total of a term’s release time across the year.  Curriculum teams will meet and work in the management room.

Enrichment Overview

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