Design and Technology at Park Road Primary


“The inventors of tomorrow have been inspired today.”  Sir James Dyson.



It is the intent of Park Road Community Primary School to provide a creative, purposeful and progressive design and technology curriculum. It has been designed to provide opportunities for children to master practical skills in order to create high quality products, reviewing, evaluating and improving where necessary.  Our children will revisit and recap their knowledge and skills, enabling them to know more, remember more and apply more as they progress through school. They will be encouraged to work as part of a team and put forward their own individual visions when creating products. Through this diverse learning environment, our children will become independent and collaborative thinkers and problem solvers.

“Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.”



At Park Road the teaching of Design and Technology follows the National Curriculum through the use of the Design and Technology Association’s ‘Projects on a Page’ planning. The use of these documents ensures the key principles of effective teaching and learning in DT, from investigation to design, are met. Teachers provide key vocabulary for each unit and,where necessary, plan additional opportunities for children to master key skills for their year group



Through our DT teaching and learning, we aim for children to make excellent progress and they are assessed against the National Curriculum outcomes. By revisiting tasks, children can evaluate, discuss and amend their designs leading to skilled designers and critical thinkers. They will be able to transfer problem solving and critical thinking skills across the curriculum. Design Technology is monitored and tracked by the subject leader through learning walks, pupil voice discussions and work monitoring.