Park Road Community Primary School’s High Performance Learning (HPL) journey has continued this term with children showing the value of perseverance.  

HPL was launched in school earlier this term with special days based around the theme ‘A journey into the unknown.’ Since then the children have been able to share their learning across school with some fantastic displays in the hall.
This half term, the school has also been thinking about perseverance and what that means in the classroom. 

Deputy Head Sophie Akinyemi explained: “During assemblies, we have been exploring what the word perseverance means, which other words mean the same thing and also how we need to remove obstacles and distractions to be able to reach our goals. 

“As a school, we have thought about how we can support each other to persevere and the words of encouragement we may use to help our peers. We have celebrated and shared this in our classroom learning.”
The HPL teams have been working hard to create classroom planets which remind us all that ‘everyone can’ achieve and they are now displayed in our classrooms to celebrate the value of perseverance. 

The team has also taken on the important role of giving out our Golden Planet Value certificates in our celebration assembly. Children across school have been recognised for their ability to remove distractions, encourage others and persevere in learning. 

The HPL team, have also had the chance to sit down and share the great work they have been doing with our HPL ambassador Mark. They talked about their experiences so far and what they have planned as their next steps.

Mrs Akinyemi added: “We can’t wait to see what comes next in our exciting HPL journey!” 

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