Children celebrated British Science Week in school by learning more about the concept of time and how we experience it.

As part of the special week at Park Road Community Primary School the children were encouraged to discuss how time is difficult to define yet experienced constantly.

During the week, each class in the school took a look at a different concept. Reception  looked at seasons while year 1 looked at the camouflage of Moths and how they have changed over time.

Year 2 created season wheels, looking at how the year changes over time and Year 3 took part in an investigation into the time jelly sets when fruit is added.

Year 4 children observed how brains change over time and Year 5 created sun dials and learnt about the history of telling the time.

Year 6 spent the week investigating how far a Curly Wurly can stretch in given times. They learnt that when the chocolate and toffee are cold, their molecules are bonded together tightly, but when warmed they can stretch.

Kathryn Mills said:  “We discussed how time is difficult to define yet we experience constantly, events we look forward to in the future become experiences in the present and memories in the past, we also know how the planet is slowly changing over time, and how we use time within our lives.

“Each class took  part in an activity to celebrate, there was certainly a buzz!”