Teachers, pupils and the whole community came together to get Park Road Community Primary School grounds ready for next term. 

As part of the Big Dig, parents and carers were invited in to school to help prepare flowerbeds and get everything ready for the school’s Summer Term Flower Show. 

Deputy Head Sophie Akinyemi said: “What a fantastic day we have had on our 'Big Dig.'  We worked collaboratively with the help of some of our families and had a wonderful day under the sunshine. Children were so excited and happy and this radiated through school. 
“We can't wait to start planting and sharing our flower beds with the community.” 

Headteacher Kathryn Quigley added: “I have to say today was a day about what Park Road does best community, team work and laughter!  We have all got stuck in and the grounds look wonderful.  Thank you to everyone who helped, including our family visitors and Mr Hirst, one of our Governors.” 

Great work everyone!